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Publishing a Short Story

posted Jul 17, 2013, 10:14 AM by Janie Watts
Urged by writer friends to "just do it" I decided to publish one of my short stories, "River Run," on Kindle. The process was new to me, yet not so complicated as I thought it would be.  The system walked me through and I had two "false starts" that I "unpublished" before getting it right. Two tips I'd like to share for writers who wish to publish on Kindle are: 1.  Be sure to preview your work before publishing.  Make sure there are NO typos. I proofread mine about four times, and still, several typos were in the "preview" version. 2.  Really think about that cover.  I eventually hated my first cover and re-did it using a more suitable photo. My second photo choice had a feeling of movement  that expressed a sense of adventure.
Speaking of adventure, I hope you will enjoy "River Run."  The characters are quirky, and Maggie, an elderly, lonely woman, is as feisty as they come. 
The story may be found at:    
Enjoy the journey!