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Set in the South, California, and Europe, this book of fifteen stories features characters facing inner and outer journeys that often do not go as expected. Why did Sadie's mother run away? And when will she return? Must a teenage girl learn the truth about her daddy the hard way? Why must a bride's rehearsal dinner feel like a Hatfield-McCoy moment? Can a widow escape loneliness by commiserating? On a train ride in Belgium, can a mother and son trust a postcard salesman they meet? At a laundromat in Rome, Italy, what kind of trouble can a restless wife find?

In these tales, some humorous and some edgy, characters discover they do not really know those who are closest, yet a stranger may offer the gift of hope.

Essays / Non-Fiction

  • Art Lessons (Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven, 2012)
  • Outrageous Okra (Stories to Warm a Grandma's Heart, 2011)
  • Famed Highwaymen Artists Have Deep Roots in Georgia (Georgia Backroads, Autumn, 2011)
  • Memories of Jackson's Elegant and Inviting Carmichael House (Georgia Backroads, Winter 2009)
  • Aphrodite's Mighty Appeal (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Spring Cleaning (Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family)
  • Une Tasse de The (Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover's Soul)
  • Frosty Georgia Morning (Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul)             
  • Southern Spirit (Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul II)                               
  • Object of Our Affection (The Ultimate Gardener)
  • Southernspeak (Georgia Backroads, winter 2008)
  • Grandma's Okra (Georgia Backroads, fall 2008)                             
  • Empty Nest Refilled (as found on boomerwomenspeak.com)                          
  • Outrageous Okra (Guideposts Magazine, September, 2006)
  • Fall Ritual (Georgia Backroads, fall 2006)
  • Georgia Five (Georgia Backroads, autumn, 2010)
  • Picture Hat ("Project Keepsake" anthology, Native Ink Press, 2014)

Short Fiction

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